WorQulture is a business structuring and design firm We specialise in designing and implementing business processes, performance management tools and learning resources to empower your employees deliver optimum value.


Our mission is to equip small businesses with a structure that promotes employee productivity and allows business owners focus on strategic growth. ⁣


We believe that business growth starts by being intentional about your:⁣
Hiring processes ⁣
Business processes
Employee growth and development
Measuring the value that every employee delivers⁣


At WorQulture, we begin by understanding your current business structure, objectives, processes and long term goals. Then, we recommend the appropriate systems, designed to help your employees align with your company vision in their day-to-day operations and do their best work effectively.
These systems allow you to measure employee performance and how they contribute to your overall business objectives.
We are able to help you build a wining system using a three pronged approach of; build, learn and monitor.


Here’s what we do;

Design and Implement a standard hiring process
Create Standard Operating toolkits for different job roles
Design Performance Management tools for employees
Develop and facilitate employee on-boarding resources and tools
Facilitate Soft skill learning programs for individuals and employees
Conduct business structure health checks and develop structures for your business ⁣


And the Q is for Quality; processes, employees, structure, employers (the list is inexhaustible 😊)